Maybe you have been to Lakeland Inn. Stayed a couple nights. Swam in the summer waters, or licked the flavour off raspberry reserve ice cream, maybe even bathed on the rooftop in the water of wonders with your friends of family.

 But have you been there in winter?


A bitter blizzard, devouring any object in sight, fog so thick you can’t go outside, hailstones rapidly descending from the clouds. It’s a ghost town then, people who live there refuse to step pass the rusting stop sign for cars, they know why…. 


Chapter 1


My name is Cassie Williamson and I work as a janitor in the Lakeland Inn. People usually call me Cass. As the janitor I scrub the floors, polish the doorknobs and clear the windows. A friend of mine once told me how awful it would be to spend all day cleaning everything and honestly I agree. I have my own apartment but rarely visit as I spent most of my time at the inn. Managing to adapt, I live in the attic and have borrowed a couple things from the guest rooms. There is a lot of work to be done in summer but at winter I have a whole seasons worth of rest.


There is a voice whispering from the other side of the window, I turn in shock. There is a small child sulking at the window, immediately I open the window to save her from the monstrous blizzard. She climbs in within a second and straight away covers herself in the blanket I once used. “Close the window!”


I must tell you something before I continue. There is a legend the has passed through this city for years, the Slinkamander, legend says it would drag itself ashore and leaving a some sort of slime trail behind, it would not use its hind legs and so it would use its hands to pull its self around the city searching for any sight of humans to devour. At night it would scream the sound of a fork being dragged along a plate, when this was heard all doors were locked and lights turned off. If you got too close a vile smell of rotten fish stenches the air. You would always know if it was a Slinkamander or not because of its extremely bony body and large white eyes.


Some say it sought human flesh. Some say it searched for a friend. Some say it searched for a child. In my lifetime of being a janitor here I have never had such encounters but when I leave the inn my caution level is to a max, especially in winter.


“What is it?!” I whisper back, “Do you need help?”


“It’s here!” She worryingly says with her large blue eyes staring at me. She grabs my hand and while pulling me away from the window she says, still worried, “We can’t let it see us!”



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