You’ve probably been to Meri-on-sea. In summer you probably surfed on the wonderful waves and belly flopped into the wrinkly water. When you come there should be a delighted pleasure pool, a 5 star masseuse for grans and granddads rusty old back. You probably got taken to the seaside slumber ride. It’s that kind of place… you’ve dreamed of.

But in the winter, you probably felt the breeze and shiver of the gray fog. You should try being there when the snow falls and the hailstone hits the streets. You should try being there when you feel cold hearted to the sound of nothing. Couple people visit then. Even locals often keep away from the beach… and some say, it’s for a good explanation.

Chapter 1

My name is Jayden Dragonfruit and I work in the Grand Merie’s chip ‘n’ chicken. Most people call me Jay for short. I am the shop waiter. I take orders, mop the floors and clean all the cups and plates when the day ends. Someone once told me that this is the worst job on the land, but I kinda like it. I have a small room with an old mini rusty fireplace to keep me warm when the sun is away. I’m sometimes lonely at night but during the day we have numerous  customers and lots in summer. It’s not that busy  in the winter, some days we don’t have a single customer.

An unknown girl bangs on the window of my room and. She screams “LET ME IN!” I look at her in confusion. I thought she was cold so I opened the window and she slipped in. I told her the shop will open at 6:00am, but she ignores me like every other customer and crawls under the bed. As quick as a flash, she says,”Hide me!”

Before I continue with that, I have a little story to tell you. A couple of years ago not many people remember the exact date or time. Sailors tell of a story that a monster comes out once in a while and walks on the beach at midday. Seemingly, it’s a diversity of mander known as a Crabamander and only comes when it smells like a sweet little girl. It smelled of rotten lobster and the bones of dead fish. They say in the morning the Crabamander wanders around the streets like a lost boy howling. When the locals hear, they turn their lights off and lock the doors.

Some say it was hunting for little girls. Some say it was charging up. Some say it was finding Daisy Pammer the little girl that escaped the Crabamanders cave. I’ve never heard it in the water, in the morning, when it emerges from the water.

“ Why do you want me to hide you?” I whisper to her.

“ I’m Jayden Dragonfruit by the way.” 

“What’s your name?”


“ I’m Daisy Pammer” she says.


“ Wait, you went missing for 3 years.” I say in confusion.

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