Everyone’s dream is to have a perfect holiday. That perfect holiday is at Camp Havanowana.  In the summer there is endless fun and activities to fill yourself up with joy. The sun is beating down on you as you chill in the lagoon. Also, you can try the bow and arrow tag where you launch plunger arrows at opponents to earn points for your team.


However, in the winter the lagoon is frozen over and the camp is forgotten. Abandoned and the beast comes out to play.


Chapter 1

Have you ever had a nightmare? Where everything was dark and there was no hope, well this monster came out of a nightmare. 

The Zavockma comes from underneath the ground to feast dreams from humans to live. This creature will also try to take blood from innocent souls to get even more power . This beast has been haunting Camp Havanowana since the start. If you are on a walk and see a muddy earth like creature, run before it is too late.

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