I have never

I have never…


I have never seen a dog in a spacesuit getting ready with his parachute ready to fly,

but I have looked at a bird swooping in the glorious light blue sky.


I have never heard a hyena laugh in the dark cool desert,

but I have listened to an owl hooting in the dead of night.


I have never touched a lions furry mane shaking in the summers cool breeze,

but I have felt a dog’s back blowing In the wind.


I have never felt a hares back in autumn with a breeze in the air,

but I have touched a little lamb just after being born.


I have never seen a cat giving birth to kittens,

but I have watched a sheep giving birth to a lamb.


I have never been in hospital except when I was a baby,

but I have visited the doctors many times.


I have never been stung by a bee,

but I have been hurt by a stinging nettle.





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