1st Letter home!

Dear Mammy,

Thanks for the fresh fruit and the silky blanket 

It kept me fresh and ready on the train.What felt like a century later,we finally arrived and came to stop in Liverpool,and the beach view was beautiful. The waves curled like glue around your finger.The weather was a lot cooler than home especially since when  there was fire everywhere it made us all hot and burned.I stood there wishing to be picked at least third but thankfully i was picked second to have a guardian first was a girl called alice she was picked first because she was the cutest.I must have been pickles because i was the cleanest.A tall skinny woman stood there with a baby girl in her arms she was quite pretty but stern at the same time.She clutched my arm gently and took me in her luxurious car she told me to rest as she gave me a friendly smile.My heart expressed with ease as i had a nice guardian who was treating me kindly she had put me at the back of the seat and i  unfolded my blanket and lay in peace it had felt like a long journey home.


Finally, we arrived at my guardians house. Her name is Lucy but she said I could call her mam.She lived in a cottage and had a beautiful front garden with flower beds and roses.She lived in a cosy bungalow with her daughters.Lilly,Isabella,Isla and Charlotte.


Lucy’s daughters had said that i could share a room with anyone. Isla was the oldest so she had the biggest room and she had let me in hers. Me and her were the same age and we got along really well.At night me and Isla would play chess and marbles sometimes the girls would come inside and play to.In the night,me and Isla would hear birds chirping and in the morning we would hear the cockerel at breakfast and sun rise.We would have bread,cheese,yogurt and fruit.


You’ll never believe that their family has a cat and a Labrador dog they keep them in the shed but it is no ordinary shed they have made it into a playhouse.Since they are kind they said i could feed the cat and dog the cats name is Belle and the dogs name is Ruff.Belle eats Mice and Ruff eats meat.I am also allowed to collect the eggs from their chicken pen on there farm and Lucy  cooks the egg and we eat it with bread.


Lockwood Village is a community of lots of cottages.There are about 60 houses they all have their own alleyway leading to the same place it leads to the park.The fields and hills are fresh and their smell is fabulous. The trees has a summer breeze swaying fresh air on your face it nothing like home.Each day we go to the park with Lucy.If the weather is nice but it always is me and Isla play on the swing all the time.




Lucy takes us in her car to school. It takes about 5 minutes to get there. The school is called Dock bridge high. It’s a primary school we all go to.In school when we come we come with our gas mask and ration book to exchange for food.In the morning we come to pray for the world war and then we go to class me and Isla are in the same class so we sit together she is really nice and sometimes i think they are my sisters.We have lunch on the field Lucy packs me and Isla a cheese sandwich with yogurt and fruit.Other people have chicken pie or fruit.After lunch we play on the field me and Isla draw a hopscotch and we play with it.Plus my  teacher is nice and kind to me.


I hope you and dad are okay and I hope you stay safe and tell dad I love him and you. I miss you to the moon and back.

                                                    Love Amani XXX

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