Evacuee letter home

I slowly fed Silvy with a bottle you gave me that soothed her down thanks to you Ma.I clutched Ally’s hand as I saw her fear express on her face.With hope of arriving soon,I peered through the ancient-looking window scanning the high buildings.In sight,the sky was clearer than the one we saw back at home.Every second,smoke choked the sky.The never-ending journey was finally over and we both stepped out of train.I carefully placed tiny Silvy in my cozy basket and held Ally’s hand making sure we were side by side.Without warning,a thin arm which belonged to a wrinkly,skinny old lady violently grabbed my wrist which also yanked Ally.Luckily Silvy didn’t fall out.In seconds I’d just discovered she was my mean-looking guardian.Her evil grin made my heart quiver,made Ally sniff and control Silvy’s tear to pour on her soft tiny face.


She had a huge house surprisingly still not destroyed.As she slammed the door and turned around she faced her back at us where a big hump revealed.She turned to us with the most evil,ugliest look I’d ever seen.Before I could exhale my breath,she seperated us two and grabbed Silvy by the handle of her basket!As you know Ma,Silvy has a delicate,unknown sense,she spluttered the bawl I’d ever heard.As she struggled shushing Silvy,she turned to us and said her name was Miss Backstick (I could see it described her look)and said she was using us as maids.I stood their in complete silence thinking what our lives would be a complete dread just how we had to leave you Ma and Pa.Ally hugged me tight and squeezed my hip.

She gave a list that said:

  • Go to bed 8pm sharp
  • Breakfast at 7:30 exact
  • Clean the house before she comes. 
  • Work on the farm to make dinner


Or else we wouldn’t be able to see Silvy again and will be whiped with her huge,brown,belt.I stood stunned.This lady passed the word cruel.Ally’s face wrinkled up and squeezed me tighter.She disappeared into the darkness and smoked a cigarette.


To explore the house,Ally(who was still scared) and I went to the backyard which revealed a mini farm.I turned around and to my surprise,Miss Backstick was right behind us.I looked in her eerie eyes,at any moment she would of struck another wicked chore for us and I was right.Her saliva sprayed on my face like water as he announced to us we’d work here.Lucky,short Ally managed to dodge stinky,spray thanks to her height.Again her mouth-coming spray went on my face and when I tried to move she squeezed me next to Ally.She ordered to make a large bean soup,5 loaves of bread and raisin pudding then put the chickens in place to get the egg and clean the house.


When she left I cried and Ally burst into tears and hugged so I did the same.How could a lady be so mean and selfish?!Before we could do anything,Ally got Silvy to cuddle her and give her to stretch her tiny,fat legs. We went to explore a bit more and went upstairs where it turned out to be the attic.It was quite creaky and dusty.Suddenly,I saw a massive chest size of a double bed that smelled like a dead animal.Ally and I dared to open it.I jumped to my horror and Ally screamed to death to see guns,blood and most of all.Who was this woman?Ally hid behind me and whispered she wanted to go home but we couldn’t.Back were evacuated,it was much worse.War was raging.Silvy started weeping and kicked little legs.


To clear off the awful scene,we secretly explored town.there were lots of horses chained to carts and surprisingly,there were lot’s of people acting casual like the war was a long lost memory.We walked further and the smell of hard biscuits made my mouth water.Ally insisted we had to get some and a kind lady offered it with no coins in returned.As we we munched our biscuits away Silvy scrutched up her baby blanket.I assumed she wanted something to munch on.I got her some grapes and she looked like she enjoyed it.We were all…cheerful after all that horror.We got Silvy out of the basket for a stretched.I looked a the blue atmosphere above us and was still clear as glass.But the more we went into the deep unknown toxic gas shielded the sky.We went home and did all the chores,rushed to bed (with Silvy by our side).7:59 and I shut my eyes.


The next day,the sound of footstep woke everyone up.No surprise,Miss Backstick’s voice give it away.She stomped in our room and screamed we had to make her breakfast,again,she threatened us with the belt if not.After working in the kitchen we sat with her.An awkward silence took place until she finally spoke up.This was finally good news,we’d go to school called Oakfield academy.The next day we went forgetting the chores.It was awesome.We had lots of fun especially playing hopscotch with the girls.When we stepped in our bedroom playing with Silvy making her giggle but then the worst happened.Miss Backstick squeezed my shoulder,came and slapped me with her belt giving me a medium-sized rash on my arm.


By the way Ma,I hope you’re having a better life than me.Let’s wish Pa the best of luck,him coming back alive with all his body parts still in place.Bye!

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