The Space Unicorn

The Space Unicorn.

There are varied species of unicorns and one of the most unusual is the Space Unicorn.Very little is known of this class of Unicorn because it’s undiscovered to this day how they travel to Mars and back.   


Would you be able to define a Space Unicorn if you caught a glimpse of one? In fact, they are very similar to large number of unicorns. Like most unicorns, they have a prolonged horn, a short, soft tail and a furry, immaculate body. Generally, they have an outstanding irregular galaxy patterned body; a stack 

of fluorescent stars for an attractive and prolonged horn; and a beautiful tail, which looks like a shooting star shimmering in moonlight.This allows them to blend in the dark sky to protect their rarity also causing satellites to struggle to witness this mysterious creature. However, a microscopic group of Space Unicorns have been caught going to the milky way. Furthermore, the main feature of this creature is when it touches wood it carves one of eight planets. When it trots, sparkledust of many galaxy colours rises from the floor. 


The Space Unicorn has an undiscovered habitat. Due to its immaculate, star bright teeth; its star patterned,  fluffy body; and its star towering, crystal clean horn, it is predicted that it hibernates in many room temperature planets. But many others suspect it lives in many unknown chains of islands near the equator. However, if this creature has set one’s heart off you should find a forbidden area on your own with some apples sprinkled in glitter, also you will need to be fairly quick to witness this creature mid teleporting. Don’t scream or gasp, it could feel very threatened and go as quick as a bolt of lightning.

Furthermore, many believe that its family or many other species live on Mercury or Mars. Not many know where this creature lives.

Are Space Unicorns dangerous? It has been known that people have tried to stroke this phenomenal unicorn and they have vanished into a never ending orbit. Or some other people tried to feed this species a glittering apple and had a chance to ride it, but it then sent off to outer space never seeing them again. Many have tried to tame it or tranquilise it but its bones and flesh have been hardened from the Nasa ring, which circles saturn. It has been witnessed that its breath sparkles in the moonlight. Because these creatures are incredibly rare, you should take the opportunity to observe their spectacular abilities if you get the chance.

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