Chapter-1 the leaving

Chapter 1 – Leaving the Warren 


Finally, they were ready to voyage.


That afternoon, a letter had arrived from plat, a mouse-carrier,to advise them that the Ultron were only a few minutes away from Cloudy Water Warren.Death walks upon them.The ancestral buildings was made on Herbmas day the homes were a few years from  crumbling.its walls were to damp and old it would not last one second of Ultron slaughtering its kind and homes.


So it was the three little rabbits: Pizzle who was a sun of a chieftain, Pip and Puck have left Cloudy Water Warren .Their adventures to discover safety would be longer than expected they first would have to venture through the Dark Spooky Forest, then Maze Warren, also Forbidden vegetation, and finally the one that Ultron would not dare enter The Hill Of Devils, it had been 100 years since someone had entered that treachery of a place. The dataglows could tell many stories from back then only they knew.At last the rabbits finally reached one of four desired locations of safety and warmth.Other rabbits travelled to different destinations such as: Death Row, Sandy Warren, even the the Dark Spooky forest.But luckily for them Pizzle’s mum had gifted them with a historic map from ancient times leading them to their current location giving them the quickest route to The HIll of Devils.Through the Damp Deep cave entrance.


Grasping the dusty worn out map,the cold small rabbits were still fighting through the snow and finally made it to the middle of the Dark Spooky Forest.Dragging their through the forest Pizzle looking in every direction imagining a pack of bulk fox’s hungry for dinner.At this point Puck was asleep it was miles of his bedtime, also Pizzle and Pip were shivering hoping to find safety and warmth.After a while Pip took over because Pizzle was wandering off.The wind gushing through the big frosted branches Pip tightened her fur-coat jacket.Pizzle still dreaming of the shadows of Ultron through, ready to kill in any instance or the hard unbreakable steel from down under. Half of the journey was all fog as if a tornado had just settled.Pizzle had felt as if they had done a lap of every tree in the forest. It was really hard  for the two of them to follow the map in all of this mist.


Dragging behind was Pizzle ,Pip had Puck in her backpack snoozing away.The two decided to build a teepee. Made of moss,rocks and twigs so they could get some rest as, they build the tent a glamorous bright sunset filled them with hope.Puck woke up so he had helped them by filling gaps with moss and Pizzle came back with twenty branches and ten twigs Pip had a load of rocks to weigh down the branches.At midnight Puck And Pip sat watching for pizzle to collect firewood when he got back to watch Pip to light the fire for warmth.Pizzle could not sleep and got some chestnuts and berries. He got back and picked a silky wet leaf to lay them on to lay on the berries and chestnuts to roast them till golden brown.

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