Chapter 2

Autumn stared at the Tasmanian Tiger then they both went up the stairs and left out of the door and left the school. Outside, Autumn looked up at the sky and it was night. Autumn walked back into the school and got a flashlight and turned back, she shined it on the Tasmanian Tiger. The fur was sandy yellowish and the stripes were on the rump and the base of the Tasmanians tail is brown and the eyes are brown. The Tasmanian was only small like a baby one.

The Tasmanian tiger looked behind as if there was something there but there was nothing. Autumn heard a noise coming from math class. She decided to name the Tasmanian tiger Yuliya. Autumn and Yuliya left the school and went for a walk, she knew it was dark but she also knew that she had a flashlight, before she knew it she had to go back home. She knew her mum would be scared of Yuliya, Autumn turned back and ran back home and Yuliya followed. After they both arrived back home they both went to Autumn’s room Yuliya sat on Autumn’s lap.

“She likes you” said Ms Michelle entering the room, Autumn could not help but smile. Yuliya jumped out of Autumns lap and hid under the bed. “It’s okay, come on out” said Autumn. Yuliya came out from under the bed and hopped back on the bed. She led down next to Autumn and all was at peace within the world.

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