Chapter 3

The Summer holidays went fast so it began to feel more colder. As the trees started to lose their leaves. And every day Tyler walked along the fields to find chicken to eat for the tiger Astro. Every day Tyler could only probably come back with one or two because they were so hard to find. The plants and flowers were so beautiful on the fields there were daises poppies blossom trees that were not hard to spot.


At night Tyler and Astro would sometimes now go into the wood and play fetch with Mrs Smith’s old dog toys that her Dalmation who passed away a few years back. Her and Astro would have so much fun but if the saw someone they would quickly hide. The moon would appear and the stars would brighten up like as if they were a gloomy bright lamp with fiery flames.


The one thing that worried Tyler so much is that one the dream she had a few months, and two that Astro is going to be found and probably have his life wasted on us for not letting him back in the wild even though he didn’t want to be back free in the forest. And never to be seen again from them.


It came the horror of what Tyler was scared of. Towards the start of September there was one night when Tyler and Astro went out again at night. Astro ran into the forest as Tyler came chasing after him as he stopped as he was stung by a nestle. As he could hear the roar of Astro he kept running as he finally got there. There was a strange person dressed in a tiger costume Astro must thought it was the same creature as him. Tyler told Astro to hide as the little boy walked closer to Tyler.


Tyler hissed at the boy what do you want. The boy gave a shake of his head. As his hand came out to greet her, Tyler said what are you doing here. She looked at Astro and snapped her fingers to tell Astro to keep still. When the boy went round to Astro who was hiding in the bushes her cave a huge smack on the face. Suddenly, Tyler felt pain in her face as if she was the one who was hit.


The secret was then unfolded the dream that Tyler had a few months ago was true. Their hearts must be connected as she was shaking with astonishment to her surprise. Astro gave a speak to say our hearts are connected…

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