Chapter 3

As the day quickly passed by James checked the forest every day to see if Ace was okay. James had quickly memorised the whole path of the forest. James would still get lost in the busy cities but the forest was different. He had never been to the countryside but he was still able to learn the path to the forest where Ace was. James had just realised he liked the countryside more than the city. James looked around to find some food so he could feed Ace. Ace was a strong panther and James knew he was able to find food by himself.

Just before night, James would make his way deep into the forest to find Ace. James would then feed Ace and sit down with him, they both stared at the scattered moondust. James’s biggest fear was Ace’s death. One day, James was going to feed Ace when he heard some steps. James was scared to continue. What if someone shot Ace? What if someone killed him?

James continued as he kept on walking the steps got louder and louder .As James continued he found Ace lying on the ground, he quickly rushed to the creature and saw him unconscious. James looked around for clues, he saw a hunting dart next to his new buddy. Someone had shot him. James grabbed Ace and ran back home. A single tear dropped from his eye as more came along. When he got home he shouted, “Mrs Smith!”

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