Chapter 3

Chapter 3

As winter ended spring came. Lebron James became old now. He now had a job on the farm as well. Every day, Lebron always went to the farm. The village wasn’t very good, it was in bad condition. He helped the village. He sometimes went to the forest to chill. Lebron’s job was looking after the animals in the farm and feeding them. While Lebron was walking to the farm someone said, “Lebron wait,” so then the person came up to Lebron and asked Lebron can you help me to get a job on the farm, so he gave the person a job on the farm.

When the glowing dark sky comes out, Lebron makes his way to the forest to see the wolf. He plays a game with the wolf. They would watch the shooting stars in the sky, but Lebron felt worried because the wolf might be exposed, but Lebron never stopped having fun with the wolf. They listened to the stars in the darkness and listening to the
night owls. The wolf and Lebron would look at the view of the enormous village.

The thing that worries Lebron that the wolf might be discovered. In the morning or in the evening the wolf tries not to be discovered. The wolf kept himself hidden in the bushes so he was like camouflage. Someone saw the wolf. The person who saw the wold was from the village that Lebron lived in so Lebron was frightened the secret was discovered. Lebron knew there would be consequences for this so lebron had to run away Lebron was really worried about the wolf.
Later on in the evening Lebron came to the village secretly watching and he saw the wolf was being executed, Lebron saw the wolf being executed, Lebron was so downhearted.

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