The lone wanderer

Ben ran from the soldiers armed with rifles. “Stop! Or we will be forced to open fire.” Ben slammed the door shut and pushed a bookcase over it. The soldiers had no choice. They opened fire, bullets spread across the room. Ben got down and got to cover. He could barely hear anything from the bullets. His ears rang. He got up and ran up the stairs.  Ben climbed the ladder. “I have to run!” “You have betrayed the legion, you have no choice.” He climbed the ladder but they broke in. “Go Go Go!” They rushed up the stairs and shot at him. He climbed the ladder peering at the busy city under him. He ran and jumped, “ah there’s a gun!” He grabbed the laser pistol then he shot at them. “Agh.” “Uhg.” He killed 2 of them but the other 3 ran away. Their leader jumped down with the force of a truck. “AHh!” The roof broke. Ben ran and leaped across the second building while it was breaking. The leader of the soldiers shot him in the leg. It burnt. “You will never kill me!” he said while running to cover. He wrapped a piece of cloth of his clothes aroundcloth around his leg. “Oww!” He limped over to the edge and tried to jump. “AHH!” He didn’t make it. He fell, but he caught the edge of the roof with his hands. He pulled himself up while being shot at. He shot back. A bullet ricocheted off the leader’s helmet to a window. He realised he could jump through.  He jumped through to find it was a trap. “Uh oh!” It was a giant room with crates and shipping containers. He ran behind them. “Come out and I’ll make sure your death is fast., Spy!” 

He shot the crates.  “Aha a cargo plane,” Ben whispered as he jumped in the back while it was closing. Bullets flying at the door. “I should get some rest.,” yawned Ben He decidedBen. He decided to sleep and get some rest before the next adventure.

He had a nightmare about his old friend, Saul who died 10 years ago in a failed heist. He was running from the Legion. A military group full of sick people who would do anything for information. Torture, Murder and massacering. Ben was running from them because he was an ex-Legion Soldier who had valuable information, Saul joined the Legion when he died. He woke up sweating and fear in his eyes. “S- Saul! Oh nothing… I will get ready. He gathered his gear. He smelt the beautiful air of the forest? They meant to be in the desert! He noticed that the robot pilot had been impaled by a tree. “Exploding in 10…9…8” screamed the robot. “Oh no!”  Ben screamed carefully, grabbing  the pistol on the desk and jumping  out. “My leg! itsit healed, The natural air of the forest healed it!”  His leg had healed greatly. He slowly treachured into the unknown forest. After about an hour he found a small clean river of water. “Water!” he exclaimed  He drankexclaimed. He drank some water and savoured the cold sweet taste of the water. He filled his canteen with it and followed the trail. He walked in the big jungle until he fell. “Augh!” 

He landed in a camp. There was a small burning fire and a mattress. He hid as soon as he heard talking. “Yes Sir, I will find bBen. The tracker implanted showed he is in this jungle. Over” The” The man was his enemy. A Legion soldier, he picked up his pistol and pointed it at him. He walked slowly away until he turned around. “Hey you! Wait itsit’s ben!”  They got into a shootout. Ben shot and hit his chest. “Augh!” 

They both shot each other but then he ran away. He hid in the bushes where he couldn’t see him.

He waited for some time for him to leave and when he did he stole his supplies and armour. Now that he has some good armour he follows the river. A 6 legged beast crawled out of the bushes.

“Woah woah. Good b- Girl.” He said while clearing his throat. It wanted his food. “Here take that.” The huge beast ate it and crawled away. After a while he set his camp up. He drank some water and ate some food. He slept. He had another nightmare. It was early in the morning and he got up. He gathered his supplies. He slowly followed the river until he found a small cabin with a person inside. He knocked on the door, “Hello!” oOnly to be greeted by a gun pointed at his head. “What the hell do you want mungo!?” he said asked slowly. “I come in peace, all i needI need is directions to the nearest city.” “Follow the river. Take a right when there’s a small pole and go straight.” He thanked him and followed the river. When he found the pole he saw it turned into a desert. It was getting late and he was very tired. He saw the city in the distance and he had hope. He walked faster and faster. When he was about to walk in, an arrow was shot into his leg. “Agh!” he screamed. The next thing he saw he was in a hospital.

“Are you ok? You came screaming in pain?” said the doctor. Ben  was relieved that he was safe. “You were probably about to be robbed by the raiders around here.” Here, drink some water. He drank the water and got out of the hospital. He found the nearest bar and walked in. “whosWhos this then partner” said the bartender “Im looking for a man he was last seen in the desert. Black hair, blue eyes and usually wears black robes. “Yeah partner i seenpartner, I saw him, he was just in here!” the bartender shouted. “Anyways what can ii get ya sir. The bartender said. “Just some beer, light.“ “That would be 1 gold.  “Fine here 2 gold thanks,” Ben left. He ran quickly just to see somebody matching his description walk into  a shady store. He waited outside for hours. He decided to go in. when he walked in “welcome friend, we sell weapons and buy weapons. “ Ben  saw a small hatch on the floor. He opened it and when he walked in somebody grabbed him. “Who are you!?” said the man.

“None of your business,” he said while kicking and punching. He managed to get away. The man ran to him trying to grab him. He pushed him away and kicked him. He pulled out a pistol and shot at him. He also pulled out a gun but it was a rifle. They shot at each other until he shot the man in the leg. “Now are you ready to tell me who you are,ok ok im saul. I saw you saw my secret and i haveI have to tell you to be quiet or else. “Or else what” you will go to prison too. “How”

“I know a secret about you too.” “youYou were the bank robber who was with me saul. “How do you know that.that? It was obvious. “I was ben thewas the fake police guard.” you should keep it a secret.” 

He ran up the stairs and climbed the roof. They shot at each other. It was the last building. The tallest. “DontDon’t jump!” it not worth it. “Why you know my biggest secret iI will go to jail forever.”

Because i wontI won’t tell if you wont”. It was raining and dark. His foot slipped and he was hanging on with his arms he ran to him and grabbed his hand. He tried to pull him up, but he punched him makinghim, making him let go. “Ahhhh!!” he screamed. He fell to his death. Next he knew he was being questioned by the police. “Why did he jump” “ii  dont know” “was it suicide or purposeful.

“I tried to help him up but he punched me so i letI let go by accident.” “ok, ok youryou’re free to go mr.”

He walked out the door. “Hey bBen. C’mere!” sneered a legion soldier. 

“What do you want daryll.” said bBen knowing he will say something stupid. “Your money, now or there will be consequences.” Ben had some unkownunknown courage to say, “No back off or there will be consequences from me.” “Wha- w- what p- punk?” “You heard me now get outta my way.” hHe declined and pulled out his baton. Ben had enoughtenough of this corrupt legion soldier, He took of hisoff his gloves and clenched his fists. 

daryll tried to hit him but ben dodged it.  “I- i ne- I NEED BACKUP!!!” shouted the daryll into the radio. 

“Ok, sending a group to your location.  Ben laughed “Seriously. You need backup for 1 guy!? All I did was dodge!” shouted Ben he grabbed his baton and hit daryll so hard on the head his helmet cracked. “Now get outta here.” Said b Ben “Change of p-*STATIC*ansand We c- *STATIC*nt to your lo*STATIC*tion. Ov*STATIC*. “Now leave me alone. Next time you rob me there will be very grim. Consequences. Ben laughed and walked into the gun store. 

“So what can I getcha?” said the owner. “I would like a laser blaster, specifically dl-44.” Said BenBen “30 gold.” said the owner.

“here.” bBen said, handing him 30 gold

“Anything else?” said the owner, “No not unless you could get me a ticket to Coruscant. “No but check the office opposite of here. they sell tickets anywhere.” he thanked him and walked over to the office.

“Coruscant, please,” said Ben’ K. That would be 50 gold. He took out the money and handed it to her. 

“Here, the next ship’s arrival should be in… 2 minutes!” He waited for the ship to arrive at the landing pods.

“Landing now, Aircraft 5…4…3…2…1…” said the pilot in a monotone robotic voice. Ben got on with other passengers and waited for Coruscant. Coruscant is a very large city which has a very dark history. 

The founder, King Dooku Killed thousands of innocent people to take this land. He built a giant city with neon lights and rich too the poor. It is most known for criminals,drugs,crime,murder and the worst police force in the galaxy. This was just 1 year ago. I know this story because I am Ben. I have a small apartment in Coruscant and I have a pet dog. Sometimes I visit places I  had adventures in like the overgrown jungle. the desert town. etc. Anyways, I must go now. Bye.

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