Slipper Wand

On sale now! Buy you some Slipper Wands!


Do you like slippers and laser wands? Then you’ll need the Slipper Wand. You throw up a slipper and down comes a laser wand. Buy now for £3000.33 only ! Works best while running bare foot on sand! Don’t be the one to have shoes on!


The Slipper Wands are the trending shoes for spies. It also exaggerates a host of features: 


  • The bottom of the shoes have a seed boost to help catch enemies.


  • The straps open up to allow you to fly.
  • It has a firewall so that you can’t be tracked.

They are both water resistant and waterproof.


These extraordinary shoes will make your job fun! They are guaranteed to frighten the evil out of your enemy with our electricity effect.


According to these slippers have helped over 500 of their spies. A key reason for buying Slipper Wand is that when you lose them they zoom right back on your feet.


These slippers are recommended by K.C undercover.


Comes complete with a month’s supply of batteries. First order 50% off and free delivery. Buy now at 

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