chapter 3

Suddenly, Ashlly woke up and he could hear the sound of sirens. He turned and woke the gorilla. Then, Ashley looked through the window, which had only 3 pains, and could see the guards. Because he was scared, Ashly hid under a crate  and the gorilla slunk into the shadows (which seemed almost inviting compared to the dingy mill).   


The guards burst in! After that  Ashley  Ashley tried not to breathe.  Because he was nervous he looked at the gorilla. Ashley could see the gorilla grab a pole,that was dusty with age; the gorilla squeezed it with all his might. The guards did not have time to run, yet one still called on his radio for help (he was the first to die). The gorilla and Ashley  dived for cover under a huge tarpalling. The reinforcements were here; Ashley whimpered.  The guards swang torch beams around and  it briethy sweeped over the tarpaulin   then the guards moved onto the next room 


The ground was cold and damp yet the gorilla was as soft as a pillow and the because they guards moved off Ashley was relieved, in this moment of peace he had an idea was the gateway at the town  hall ? 


It would be a long walk that Ashley would have to endure; they would take the alliways to the forest. Then threw the gardens and finely the long climb up the church to the square and run to the hall from there.

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