The Prime Minister’s Messages

Hi Mum, on Wednesday I am doing a speech about wild monkeys in front of lots of people in the local area and I’m nervous. What shall I do?

Not now Bernard, you always talk about monkeys.

Do I?

Yes. You have a really bad memory!

Sorry Mum, I didn’t mean to bother you at all.

It’s okay dear, I was being a bit mean. I actually should be the person saying sorry. It’s nearly your bedtime so you should be going to bed soon! Oh, I forgot to say, everybody is scared sometimes. So, don’t worry.

Thanks Mum.


2 Responses to “The Prime Minister’s Messages”

  1. Jessica.parkinson March 13, 2023 at 2:10 pm

    that’s very good

  2. Hello there! this is a good piece of work, but I am wondering if this is speech or multiple letters being sent. if it is speech, you would need speech marks around it.

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