Are you wanting to express your therian type?Do you love to jump over logs and leaves?Well come on down to Ther1an Equip where you can get all of your therian equipment for amazing prices!


We guarantee you will love our equipment of : crystal necklaces that interact with the body’s energy field making you feel relaxed : masks that you can customise and expres your therian type : tails that make you feel more like your chosen animal.


Our equipments benefits are:

  • The equipment keeps its shape after years of use
  • Its durable when travelling and practising 
  • Customizable in any way.

Our customers agree that our products are what we say.

“The masks are amazing and super durable. I went on a 5 hour drive to France and they looked exactly the same as when I bought them!Sam , 15 years from Brandon.


Every purchase comes with a pack of masks : two tails (that are super soft): crystal necklace and it’s all for free!


So don’t delay come running down today. Just visit our website at we are open 24/7 or come on down and find us in Brandon. We hope to see you soon.

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