Differences By Zoe SWW

You are joy bringing a frown upside down.

You are the sight of the beaches sunset glistening.

You are the scent of orange peel freshly picked from your nans garden.

You are the sound of the sparrow chirping loudly on the bird feeder.

You are the taste of your grandads boiling hot chocolate.

You are the feeling on my dads arms rapped around me.

You are the voice of my mum singing gently like a resting question mark

You are the letter of my name.

You are you.

7 Responses to “Differences By Zoe SWW”

  1. Wow I loved the sparrows chirping on a bird feeder.
    Maybe you could describe the hot chocolate?

  2. 1) I like how you have included your family
    2) Did you vary the sentence lengths for effect
    3) In a few of your short sentences maybe use an adjective

  3. I really like the part about the joy bringing the frown upside down.

  4. You are the sound of the sparrow chirping loudly on the bird feeder.I love the sound of the bird chirping it makes me remind me of home .

  5. Hello Zoe, I adore this lovely description, and brilliant ideas
    Is there a slight theme of family?

  6. Wow this is brilliant!
    It really makes my heart warm up.
    Do you think you could maybe saddle a few more sentences?
    I adore your first one.

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