My best friend of secrets. Vienna SWW

You are a sound of a Labrador sleeping though the night.

You are magic of the world changing everyday without being notice.

You are the touch of a husky in the north.

You are a memory of hope being recreated.

You are a millions of dreams coming true in one go.

You are the taste of brownie and ice cream combined.

You are the lovely buzz in my ear that I can never stop thinking of.

You are what holds are galaxy together.

You are the secrets holder with out me knowing.

You are the super hero of the night saving the world.

You are my best friend and the keeper of the dark.

12 Responses to “My best friend of secrets. Vienna SWW”

  1. Love it very descriptive and lots of naming of the objects e.g husky instead of dog

  2. I love the first line of your poem

  3. This is my favourite poem

  4. I like how you did made the things randomly, it is very good

  5. I like the part about the labrador sleeping through the night

  6. Amazing you make a picture in my head

  7. Hi, I love all you creative ideas, you build a really strong picture in my head.

  8. Hello I think that your Poem is awesome because I love the bit that says your a touch of the husky In the north and Your are a sound of a Labrador sleeping through the nigh.

  9. That is good one you should add like you sleep like a dog barking from


  10. I really like the different ideas.
    How do you think you could maybe extend the sentences.
    I can’t even think of something to say about it being bad!

    It’s great!
    Well done

  11. Hi,Vienna I like it how you used you are a memory of hope being recreated.Try and describe the memory

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