You are who you think you are, poem by Jake SWW

1) You are a fluffy pillow my calmer when I am sad.

2) You are as cold as ice and snow freezed twice in a freezer.

3)You are as loud as the computers keyboard click.

4) You are as sharp minded as a freshly sharpened pencil.

5) You are as bright as 5 mirrors reflecting into my eyes.

6) You are the sound of the a bus’s breaks and a fishes gulp.

7) You are as thirsty as samon out of water.

8) You are the person you are.

4 Responses to “You are who you think you are, poem by Jake SWW”

  1. I love the ending sentence! Very nice!
    Can you describe some places?
    I would suggest to maybe add some more lovely sentences!

  2. Nothing individually stood out as it was all brilliant

  3. 1) “You are the person you are.” is a lovely saying as it is personal.
    2) What made you come with the idea?
    3) Try and add more description

  4. I like your 4 poem It is really clever
    What made you think of the idea for this particular poem.

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