The Misty Monster

When the dawn struck, Violet crept out of the house. Violet did not know where she was, she went on a walk and ended up at the cemetery. Violet  called her mum but there was no signal.
Suddenly, Violet heard something in the bushes she hid behind a tree and then it was this strange looking figure. Violet followed him and he went to this lake, he started humming. Violet nearly got caught she ran to  a house, she pushed the doorbell *Ding*Dong* no one answered.
All of a sudden, Violet heard the figure again the noise got closer and closer. Violet  ran in the house and then looked out the window Violet  saw him walk in the house he walked up stairs where she was and as the figure opened the door Violet had no where to hide. Violet stared to get scared because he was painting ,not just painting,  the figure was painting a picture, a picture of her in the grave yard. What happen next will shock you…

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