chapter 2

Chapter 2  

Ooff!!! Ouch that hurts, where am I? Ellie looked about, it is a forest? but I was just in my attic a minuet ago. She got up to her feet and looked about she sore tall gloomy trees, a listening rive and lanterns lieting up a path. Then a wolf cub came up to her and Ellie loocked emasd and screred at the same time and then she strock the woolf cubs back and then the woolf said “ha that tikels”. Sundely Ellie jumped in supris,  

“are you talking to me”  “yes I am, now are you lost?” “yes I am can you help me?” “Yes I can”. After a few minutes foloing the path what the lantens lit up. They reached the midel of the forest and ellie sore a book on a wood petstul and she went to open it but when she reached the podem, a man with wings came down from the sky and said do not open this book or take anething from this relm.!! Ok said ellie to the randem man. Then the woolf cub said how about we go to the flower feels. Ok.  

Then after a few minets we reeched the flower feeleds and the I pick some roses, blue bells, poppies and then made a bookae.  

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