How to take care of a fire unicorn

How to take care of a fire unicorn

Have you got a pet fire unicorn or got asked to look after a fire unicorn? If then this is for you

What you need

-A bed as hard as bedrock

-50 jugs of milk

-A magical fire proof cage

-Some coal heated up by a chimaera and moam’s

– The temperature of 50 degrees

-Ten fire proof blankets

-Twenty massive fire proof pillows

-A fire proof plant

-5 fire proof teddy’s

-A space as large as a swimming place

What to do

First, purchase 50 jugs of milk and some Moams  because then it will become your friend.

Next, locate the magical fire proof metal cage so it has somewhere to live. The cage is as big as a swimming place.

After that, find the ten fire proof blankets in soft world then it can be nice and cozy.

Later on, construct twenty massive pillows so it’s bed is nice and soft.

Then, dig for bedrock for it’s bed because it likes hard beds.

Afterwards, go to the nature and obtain some fire proof plants so it won’t burn it.

Finally, create 5 new fire proof teddies so it has company.


If you don’t follow these rules it will it will try to burn you but the only way to make it not do it is give it milk.good luck.

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