Visit the ancient island of sacred spirits

This magical and amazing resort is best for all your family, not you alone so bring them for a day out or a couple of weeks or even long as long as you like.

Right now I bet you deserve a well-deserved break?  Why not come to be at the best resort of 2054 it’s a super stay? Don’t just sit on your butt or do you want to miss out on half priced tickets? Come to one of our greatest resorts yet, book now at are website read on to find out more.


Have you ever wanted to be so amazed with so much to do, come to are 5star island resort? We have the best of the best adventures.

Are fabulous, fantastic theme park with more than 25 rides to have on plus 22 over play places, mini games and more.

A 4.5star food joint with amazing food to keep you full of energy though out the day or if you want it more exquisite taste, come to Sebastian submerged seafood restaurant so you can be absolutely marvelled.

Visit the marvellous magic museum with adult super vison where you can test out the spells yourself to become a mage.

Become the best cavern explorer in chaos cavern where anything is real if you can image it in your mind.

Visit the halo hiking trail were you can go to the highest mountain in all of the galaxy plus:


  • You can come to the Cosmic Café;
  • Go to the top of this natural wonder by steam, poisons gases and diesel free programed jets;
  • On your way to the Cosmic Giant go through caverns of rare gems;
  • Experience the travels of trained mountain climbers;
  • Come to one of the few only 5star café in the world with the most delicious coffee and hot coco from the best hot drink makers;
  • Rent or permanently purchase the best of the best climbing and hiking equipment;


Come to cosmic cliff side in dragon spiral resort, where you can be you, and dreams are accomplished. Like the 4 time Olympic star John Blaze said, “The best way to train is to believe and become yourself so you can accomplish the dream.” So book tickets now at half price for the next 30 days.

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