The Grand and Fab Nautilus Hotel

The Grand and Fab Nautilus Hotel

Stuck at home with nothing to do?Wailing to your parents to do something different?Want to have some entertainment?Why not come to this Fab Hotel,start to relax and have adventures today!Soft large beds with any colour you like just for 5 pounds and don’t miss out on sports,any kind.Kids under 16 get free tickets!!!Want to know other spectacular things?Start reading more below! 


  • Pets for free
  • Simple location
  •  Scrumptious food

Cheap to go! 2 pound for adults and free for kids under aged 16.Treat yourself with spas and a beauty room and dive into our 5 pound water with your loved ones.Family and friends!Cooking classes,fill up your tummy with chocolates,sweets,gummies and more!Taste our delightful Italian pizza and our French,fresh bakeries!

Mysteries solved,could they be real?Start your adventures today!You don’t want to miss out on that,do you!Adventure parks,with your friends come and join the fun!

We have malls and shops, everything for sale,Sweets world and you regret booking tickets to go to our hairdressers.Any kind,come now! 

We know you want to come in.Step in our Fab Hotel! Miss Clair cried with a large smile 5 months ago,

 “Best holiday ever!Because of this fabulous Hotel my daughter is great at singing!We’ll be booking again next year!”

Yep, concerts too!For people who like singing,this is the place for you!We invite bands and you can become singers.Fire work night! Enjoy the view,It’s just for you!The Hotel is open for every celebration such as Christmas,Easter and all! 

Visit our

It tells everything!

Get the ticket now,trust won’t REGRET IT!!!

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