The siting of The Malamanda

Dear Diary

Yesterday afternoon,the Most miraculous thing happened at  Harbour Island.I was with my cat Kit for a rest on the beach.There was no noise except the small meows of Kit and the waves flowing onto my feet.The weather like a midsummers day and the sun was just setting into the horizon it was the most beautiful sky I had ever seen with a mix of orange,yellow,red and pink it was super pretty.Then Kit comes closer to me like something was  scaring her.

Now,the weather had turned dark and bright but still Kit was getting scared of something. I wondered what it could be that was scaring her.The wind was starting to blow and get heavy kits fur was blowing like a dust mote.Then I smelt a smell of rotten fish and cabbage it was a horrible scent.Then I heard a small snarl at first I thought it was Kit but then it started to get louder and louder I looked at the floor and noticed some slimy footprints on the pink sand like the bigger version of a frogs speckled footprints.

As I stood watching,me and kit wanted to run but we just couldn’t it was like we were frozen with fear.We noticed its skin like a slimy pond frog it eyes glaring impatiently like an owls wide eyes.Its hands moving like it hasn’t had food for a while.The creatures legs shaking repetitively and its teeth dribbling with blood and saliva there claws ready to pounce.Its back full with spiky scales and all sorts of different shapes on its body.

I ran as fast as I could with Kit on my side and I thought not to look back but then I couldn’t resist so I turned around and I saw it but it quickly disappeared in the sea.It saw something like a frog pulling the creature in the sea and instantly they vanished.


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