You’ve probably been to  the eastern coast of Algeria. In summer, you probably relaxed in a hot tub and in the Home of Golf Hotel. When you went there, you would have bought an ice cream down at the pier, played your favorite hobby and built sandcastles. You might have gone to the Sahara Museum and explore around… in summer.


But in winter, you probably been wrapped up in blankets with the heating on to maximum. You should be trying to play with the snow more, go for more walks outside and enjoy winter sports. There is usually a fog that hovers of the eastern side of Algeria which is weird in the Sahara Desert but it has been explained…


Chapter 1


My name is Sarah Mary and I work in the Sahara Desert. Most people call me the mother of Jesus because of my surname. My job is to clean all of the all of the valuables in the Museum. I polish the glass, design the backgrounds for the valuables and I tidy up the valuables. Someone once told me that my job must be boring but it’s the best. It is busy in summer with crowded lines to get in but in the winter, it is empty.


A boy taps on the window and screams, “Let me in!” I think for a minute if I want to let him in. In the end I let him in. He has bright blue eyes with loads of freckles all over his face. His black and green glasses shine on my face. He scrambles behind one of the valuables and whispers, “Hide me.”


Before I continue, I must tell you about what happened a long time ago. No one remembers about the monster. Local Legends say there was a type of Malamander that lives in the warm  Atlantic Ocean and comes on land every foggy winter day. It’s called a Rinomander. Apparently, it ate up three children in on go and stabbed twenty people within a minute with its horns. When people hear a long low growl the cover their curtains and lock their front doors.


Some say that the creature must have been angry because its baby was killed. Some say it was in pain. Some say the Rhinomander was mistaken for a predator. I have never heard it before but I have never heard it and the one time I heard a growl, it was just an angry dog.


“Why are you hiding” I asked.


“I’ve seen it.” She says. ” The Rhinomander!”

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