Chapter 1-Leaving the Warren

Finally, they were ready to escape.


That Evening, a message had arrived in a bottle to say the PZ Leader and their minions were a few minutes and seconds away from Boom Warren. 


So it was that the three little rabbits, Piper, Pickle and Peppa, went to the Boom Warren to guard it when the PZ group comes to attack. As they were waiting, they couldn’t see them coming so they thought their enemies gave up so the rabbits gave up as well and left but as soon as they left the PZ members had arrived and attacked the warren.


Gripping the ancient map, the rabbits got a notification about the warren so they went back to the warren and it wasn’t there anymore so they thought they went the wrong way but what really happened was it got destroyed by the PZ minions.


As their warren was gone, it was cold and pitch black as they didn’t know where to go for the night so Piper decided to find a hideout; if she couldn’t they would have to make a den and find something to sleep on. Hoping the PZ members wouldn’t find them, Pickle heard sirens very close to them as the PZ hide and ran for their lives, the cops jumped out of the vehicle with a whole group trying to catch all the PZ members as they ran away.


That day, the officers captured all of the PZ members. Earlier on, PZ had been on the news but Peppa decided to just forget about it and go to sleep and worry about it tomorrow. At midnight, Piper woke up from a knock on the den so she checked outside and no one was there she thought it was something like a pinecone so Piper went back to sleep. Later on, Pickle and Piper both with the same sound, Pickle whispered, “Did you hear that?” Piper responded with a yes. Everyone woke up Piper and Pickle told Peppa what happened and what they heard.


At 2am in the morning, Peppa thought she saw someone that had an orange jumpsuit with a PZ mask for a quick second, but thought it was just her imagination because it was so dark. Later that day, Pickle had saw the same thing as Peppa and they all thought together that they had escaped prison.

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