JOY! By Buster SWW

My joy is made from-
Laughter that can spread round a hole room without one stop,
Happiness that will never be forgotten,
1,000 rainbows that had once ruled the sapphire sky,
The ticks of the clocks when spending time with family and friends.

I found joy at a club in flashing lights at 2am.
Trapped at the risk of being bored.
At the end of its bed scared that one day its power will leave its body.
Finally on the cotton candy clouds dancing in the warm breeze.

My joy can light up someone’s dark dingy day.
It can create laughter and friendship.
Finally, my joy can light up the abys.

If I lost this- the world would be down every day of the week.
If I lost this- the world would never see one smile again.
If I lost this- the world would never hear a laugh again.

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