A Villian’s Heart

What is cold? A villain’s heart and wet socks.

What is hot? Sand on a beach, blush collecting on my face and 

A bright red ghost pepper.


What is frail? A baby’s first tooth, a feather falling from the sky and crunchy leaves on the grass.

What is sturdy? A tall tower, watching over a city and the tallest person alive, Sultan Kosen.


What is small? A fragile, baby budgie, unable to fly and a single swan’s feather.

What is heavy? Mount Everest, a lump in your throat and hostile waves. 


What is easily lost? An unimportant memory, an oak leaf flying in the wind and a strand of hair on a comb.

What is memorable? An enjoyable day out and the best holiday.


What is fast? A strike of lightning, my friends during a race and a tsunami, approaching Indonesia quickly.

What is slow? A slimy snail with a shiny shell and a cute tortoise that has just seen food. 


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