Crisp leaves underfoot,

conkers bouncing down the road,

 in potholes and diches.


Fireworks banging,

bonfires being lit up,

and late nights outside.


Corn and apples crunch,

air is cinnamon scented,

apple pie cools down.


The weather is moist,

perfect for a misty walk,

and covered in dew.


A lie in today,

relaxing on the sofa,

watching the trees sway.


Pumpkin pie galore,

roasted chestnuts in the store,

and warm,baked biscuits.


9 Responses to “THE TURNING SEASONS”

  1. This is really good!

  2. This is amazing! Well done. Maybe next time make it longer. This is a very good poem.

  3. 1. Good I love it.
    2. Have you had pumpkin pie?

  4. Welldone

  5. I love how u described all of ur words. Well done u also have brilliant vocabulary. Welldone!

  6. 1 . I love yours it has rhyme it has everything but there are some spelling mistakes .
    2. What is your favourite season ?
    3. I saw two things the first one ‘ bonfires being lit up’ Mabye it could be ‘ Bonfires crackling or ‘ Bonfires lit ‘ And there is a spelling mistake were you put ‘ diches’ instead of ‘Ditches’ .

  7. I’ve got to say well done with this piece it is amazing! I love the vocabulary! Well done!!

  8. 1. I like the conkers bouncing down the road.
    2. Why are the trees swaying?
    3. Maybe you could change the corn for something else.

  9. Callum sacred heart primary,chorley October 22, 2020 at 10:36 am

    1.I like how you mentioned fireworks.
    2.Do you like fireworks?

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