Ever wanted someone to play with?Get a Devil dragon! These Demonic creatures are very naughty so you will need some equipment.
1.A dog, not to eat to play with.
2.You will need to find molten lava and normal lava.
3.Make a den out of molten lava.
4.It drinks lava so keep away it can also spit it out easily.
5.It will eat chicken,fox,wolf and rabbit.

Some of the main rules can be from polishing its scale with clean water and bathe them in lava. The hut will need to be 10 by ten metres long for baby devil dragons for adults it is 30 by 30 so you will need a lot of molten lava.The dogs can be a first birthday treat but only for baby’s for adults it will be wolfs these are for playing like tig or hide and seek. One thing you will definitely need to buy is a whistle to get the dragon back after it goes free roaming which it will regularly do once or twice a day.The dragon will protect you from predators such as black hole dragons and Rat dragons.For more toy suggestions I would suggest a cat or a fish to keep them company.These majestic creatures will also need education so it’s just like homeschooling a child as these creatures will need to learn what children need to learn besides art that is.Geography is something they definitely need to learn because they need to know where to fly.Also if you tame them enough you will be able to fly them! One more warning DO NOT let them eat rings or sweets or let them get ahold of anything shiny as it will go crazy and possibly kill you.


4 Responses to “HOW TO LOOK AFTER A DEVIL DRAGON. By Zak H shcp”

  1. 1) This is such a great idea I wish I had one like this.
    2) How did you come up with this idea, where did you find it?
    3) Maybe next time you could use bullet points instead of numbers down the side.

  2. 1) I really enjoyed how you told us about which animals to get it to play.
    2) Did you come up with the devil dragon or did you read or watch something with it in?
    3) To make an improvement you could talk about the eating of the chicken, fox, wolf and rabbit in the next paragraph.

  3. I came up with it by thinking of my devil unicorn I made the other week.

  4. 1. I really like your rhetorical questions they really stand out.
    2. What would you do to make your story better.
    3. Maybe you could add a bit more info about the dragon.

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