The Korvus – By Kai TJS

There are many insects hidden within the depth of Earth but this is about the most deadly one : the Korvus.


The Korvus has jets black armour plates across it onyx body, which has a sickly green stripe down each side. It is like a centipede with huge pincers as it mouth , the Korvus can release a gas from its body like a smoke bomb, it can then shoot fire causing the gas to explode. It’s bite has a potent toxin that will shut down the enemies legs for 10 minutes allowing it to catch up to is prey.


The Korvus is related to the arthropleura a giant millipede from the Carboniferous period, this is thought because of it being the same size. Rainforests are this beasts resting place and home.


It is advised that upon seeing this monstrosity that you dart away ,at the speed of light, as you will be a delicious meal for the Korvus.

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