The mouth – ripper Moth

The Mouth – ripper moth 


The mouth – ripper moth is an extraordinary yet savage insect which was only found a couple of weeks ago in November. Zoologists have studied and worked on the moth but all of its secrets have been found yet but zoologists are still finding out more everyday . So read on for more information on the mouth – ripper moth and its astonishing feetchers.


Appearance :

 Interestingly , the moth has soft wings that help with the cold so when it is cold or has snow on its body it can warm itself up. On its wings are many patterns that can help with survival and hunting . On its wings are triangles that are used to stunt its prey or rivals . Stars pear the body on the wings that glow in the dark so it can see when it is in a cramped or tight place with no light . On the front of its head are antennas that help it sense vibrations from things moving by. Things that also help it  see are its giant eyes that cover most of its face so that it can see from any direction . Lastly it has a mouth that can rip open ( hints the name ) past its eyes and  look like it is smiling evilly at you with razor sharp teeth that seem to stick out its mouth.


Unique Abilities :  One of its most  threatening  abilities is that it can bite you  with its giant  mouth and inject venom into your veins that causes you to get infected .


Diet: Its most preferred food is left over meat from a dead bird or rat because they find it newtricious and healthy .


Habitat : They mainly live in small holes or soft rotten wood.


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