You are poem

You are a stroke of fear,
awaiting to find a victim to take over.

You are a beam of joy,
searching for a someone to enlighten with your happiness.

You are the strings of a violin,
soothing hearts with your beautiful music.

You are a never ending path,
that only ends if someone finds their true future.

You are the celebrity who became nothing,
you are the no-one who everyone knew within days.

You are a young plant,
yearning feeding from the sun.

You are a cunning cat,
that waits to pounce at its poor prey.

You are the dark alleyway,
bringing misery and unfortunate events to everyone who walks into it.

You are the wicked witch,
trying to find out who is the fairest of them all.

You are the defenceless ant,
being squished by the cruel feet of humans.

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