Autumn Haikus by Maggie SWW

Wind howls through the trees,
brown leaves crunch under my feet,
a hedgehog patters.

Leaves fall gracefully,
squirrels scurry up the trees,
it starts to drizzle.

Curled up by the fire,
wrapped cosy in thick blankets,
the storm rages on.

Bonfires flare up,
fireworks fizz, pop and bang,
the nights get darker.

The air is cold, damp,
snowdrops appear in the mist,
Autumn has ended.

10 Responses to “Autumn Haikus by Maggie SWW”

  1. Maggie, you have lots of action going on here- very vivid images being described.

  2. I love how you have stuck to the 3,7,3 and you have great description

  3. I really like your poem it is very creative .

  4. Nice really like your poem very exaggerated. I like it keep the good work up.

  5. Mustafa Hussain October 15, 2020 at 8:39 am

    Great work! Keep the description up!

  6. I love the phrase howled in the wind. It’s drizzling honey ? 😂 It would have to be cold and damp not a list because there is only 2 things. Keep up the good work 😊 👍

  7. Hi Maggie I love it how you used Bonfires Flare up but try and describe the bonfires but otherwise this poem is amazing!

  8. This poem is really creative I can picture it.

  9. Hi Maggie I love your poem it has lodes of lovely description.
    Why did you pick the season Autumn?
    To make this even beter i would add some more simelies.

  10. This is a really good poem I love it! Keep up the good work and the amazing poems!

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