Jake SWW Cinema problem

Jay opened the door, before cautiously closing it behind him and tiptoed to his seat intensely gruelling not to catch a single eye.

“Sorry im late” Jay mumbled, slumping into his chair staring at the screen. People whispered over and over again whilst he chewed his fingernails annoyed. He could never forget his mums tears when they had that argument last night.

At that moment, Michael burst through the doors and viciously slamming it behind him. “Sorry i’m late I
hope I didn’t miss anything!” He Exclaimed jumping into his chair and creating a large bang that echoed across the room.

Michael abruptly reached for his bag, unzipped it and wrestled for his pencil and paper. Jay tried to not focus on this as he replayed what happened this morning he couldn’t forget that argument. Michael pretended to be watching the movie but focused on Jay. He tensely thought of a plan. Josh listened curiously..`

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