Evil Unicorn by Kerrianne

The evil demon unicorn

Spiraling ley what they do mostly they merder and kill anglo unicorn shucks there blue  eyes ther soles and clecs skeletons.

They live in merder bubley beth street gos in infant at night to kill and eaDemon Devil Evil Unicorn how they look


Have you ever seen Demon devil unicorn with horrifying red clowning is what sharp claws as a sharp nifh to kill ther soles.

To kill or merder angol unicorns and eat their soles.with a sharp mane dark red climbing in the moonlight.

Whth rosey red blood marks dripping down from fighting and killing.

t and then sleeps in the mornings.


Where am I?Where do Live?


Evil demon unicorns live in a bloody death street. They live in jungoons with skulls and blood everywhere. It is awase night and so iffet and  bloody and dark and blood dripping down  from then.


What is favorite food 


They love to bring blood and  eat skulls and skeltoons and iye dallas and suks ther blud.And beb angol but first he has to merder it then wreck it until there’s only clothes here. And loves beb skin for desert they demolish it all.


What do you think of me?

Demond unicorns make people have nightmares and make little children cry from murdering their family.

They are extremely horrid and horrifying and very very dab he loves to  be lonely and obviously has no friends   or has a hordol she is.all she likes to do is kill and murder and make everyone cry.if you dar to touch him you will die  of tragic death.

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