Zacker’s story

The summer holidays crashed ahead. Zacker was playing football outside with his  

friends.  The weather was so bright that they had to wear their shorts. The streets were filled with people planting flowers in their garden.Some plants were dying by no water and no sun.Zacker and his friends were always with zacker . Their guardians were waiting for the match to start and finally they were at peace.


At night everyone went into their houses except for me and my friends.They were always going in the woods while they were walking they saw something appear by the tree when they didn’t want to look at that black thing the black thing disappeared. “What was that thing?” whispered lucas. “I don’t know why you are asking me,ask crainer”. “Seems like you two don’t know that that thing is a panther”whispered crainer.Zacker and his friends kept on walking until they saw it again.They came home and played monopoly.In the morning zacker and his friends went to school without their guardians dropping them off they learned everything until they graduated into high school.His friends would go to school with him they even go to the same school. 


Zacker knew something was up with the forest he could hear the dead silence not roaring through his ears .He could see the wind blowing the oaked trees,flying paper bags going round like a tornado.Suddenly he saw the panther he caught it and brought it home. Crainer was in his room with his pet.Lucas was busy talking to zackers guardian while zacker sneaked into the backdoor.He put the panther in crainers room so crainer could get off his bed and play with him outside in the back garden.Zacker and his friends were going out into the parking lot to pick a car but there were only honda civics.Everyone went in all the cars so I had to go in the gtr.We went to the park and searched for crainer and the panther.


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